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The Wimbledon Hawks "Aubergine Machine" is currently on a break and will be returning in 2024.


This side is comprised of a mix of both Australians and other nationalities looking to learn the game, enjoy the later stages of a footy career or just enjoy playing footy in London in an easy-going environment.

"There are plenty of reasons to love the Hawks. I see it as a strong family bond in a strange sort of way. For someone that's moved halfway across the globe, leaving friends and family behind, you need to take solace in some form of familiarity to the close ones in your life that are all back home.

Hawks definitely provides that. Everyone is just as cheerful as your best friend, and just as supportive as your family. So you easily gain brothers and sisters for life. That in itself is probably one of the most valuable experiences one can get when living abroad. 

There's a reason why we keep winning best club, back to back, and I truly think its down to the fact that, to alot of people, myself included, we're more than just a footy club, we're a family unit."


Will Barbas, Wimbledon Hawks Social Team, 2016-2019 

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